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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Member Filipa the Hedgehog22/Female/Portugal Group :iconsonic-fans-pt-pt: Sonic-Fans-PT-PT
Fãs de Sonic em Portugal!
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Hehehee my art ;P If you wanna see more check out my gallery =D



Sonic rulez! :iconsonicishappyplz: but Silver is better! >w< :heart:

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FilipaTheHedgehog has started a donation pool!
1,336 / 10,000
I want to start a donation pool for the ones who will commision me (closed!) -> filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
I will help donnating people who actually deserve it or commissioning them =D
And maybe I can upload Premium Membership in the future :iconcatlaplz::iconexcitedpointsplz: :iconlavatarplz::iconpointsplz:
So 1 point I will be very apreciated and greatfull ^^

:iconpointsstamp1::iconpointsstamp2: :iconhypnolaplz: :iconseizurela-plz: :iconpointslaplz:

:iconsparklyla-plz: :iconlaplayplz: :iconkawaii-laplz: :iconlainloveplz: :iconlarainplz:

:iconpointcommision1::iconpointcommision2: :icondonatepointsplz:

:bulletpink: Icons/Avatar

Animation icon 2 (headshot with simple background): 95 :points:
If the character too detailed: 98 :points:
If the character not too detailed: 95 :points:
Addicional character: x2 :points: (multiply)
Text: +5 :points:
Chibi: -30 :points:

Non-animation icon 2 (headshot with simple background): 75 :points:
If the character too detailed: 82 :points:
If the character not too detailed: 75 :points:
Addicional character: x2 :points: (multiply)
Text: +5 :points:
Chibi: -30 :points:

Animation icon (with sparckles): 62(layers)+19(frames)=80 :points:
if the character is too detailed it's 90 :points:
if the character is not too detailed it's 80 :points:
Addicional character: x2 :points: (multiply)

Animation icon (with no sparckles): 62(layers)-3=59(layers)+19(frames)=78 :points:
if the character is too detailed it's 78 :points:
if the character is not too detailed it's 70 :points:
Addicional character: x2 :points: (multiply)

Non-animation icon (no animation and no sparckles):
If the character too detailed: 35 (layers)+15= 50 :points:
If the character not too detailed: 35 (layers)+10= 45 :points:
Addicional character: x2 :points: (multiply)

Chibi icon: 20 :points: E.g- filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Addicional character: +20 :points:

Chao icon: 10 :points: E.g- filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Addicional character: +5 :points:

:bulletblue: Drawings:

Chibi Sketch: 105 :points: (in digital!)
Sketch: 110 :points: (in digital!)
Chibi Lineart: 112 :points:
Lineart: 115 :points:
Chibi Coloring: 114 :points:
Flat Colour: 118 :points:
Shaded: 120 :points: e.g. filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c… , filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c… or filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Cell shading: 125 :points: e.g. filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Reference Sheet: 130 :points: e.g. filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Soft Shading Style 135 :points: e.g filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Sonic Riders: 140 :points: e.g. filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Sonic X: 145 :points:
Colourfull style: 150 :points: e.g. filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
3D style: 170 :points: e.g. filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Sonic Adventure: 180 :points:
Wallpaper: 200 :points: e.g. filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c… or filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…

Character added: 10 :points: per character
Chibi example: filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c… or filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…

Background Info:

No backgroung (invisible): -25 :points: e.g. filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Simple Background: +0 :points:/Free! *
Hard Background/Real Background: +50 :points: **
*You don't have to pay nothing with a simple background cuz all my drawings have a simple background :)
** Why +50 :points: for a real background? Cuz my lazyness is the only reason why I'm so complicated to make a real background ;_; Just make sure when you ask for this kind of bg, be detailed!

Note: Example... you've requested for your commission of your main character in Sonic X Style ( 145 :points: ) without a background ( -25 :points: )... so 145-25=120 :points: you'll have to pay :)
Other example... you've requested a Chibi Coloring of 1 of your friend character in 3D Style ( 170 :points: ) in real background ( +50 :points: )... so 170+50=220 :points: you'll have to pay :)
It's up to you now ^^

More information about my drawings:

Headshot: -5 :points:
Half full body: -20 :points: e.g. filipathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
Example: You want a Colorfull style (150 :points:) for the headshot (-5:points:) so the prize is 150-5=145 :points: and the half full body (-20 :points:) you want Cell Shading (125 :points:) for the coloring so the prize is 125-20=105 :points:. So the total you gonna pay is 145+105=250 :points:.

:bulletpurple: Sonic School Timetables

School Timetable: 155 :points: (simple) e.g.
Drawing in my style: 160 :points:
Original Sonic Style: 165:points:
Character Added: +5 :points:

:bulletwhite: Comic Pages

Cover: 130 :points: per cover (colored!)
Pages (sketched!): 110 :points: per page
Pages (colored!): 120 :points: per page
Character added: +5
Extra: +3 :points: *
* Extra!... like a chibi eating a panel or on the side sleeping or talking about something... it's up to you! ^^

Is anyone interested? :) If so, send me a note, plz. =D

Rules (read it carefully):

Things I draw: Anime, Antro Art (I only accept if they have clothes! Otherwise, I make one myself!) Sonic, Nights (still practicing) and Couples.
Things I don't draw/refuse to do: Sexual Theme (any kind of sexual theme... Porn for example), Nudity (it depends...), Violence, Gore, real Animals (however... I'm still practicing), yaoi (but I accept only Sonadow) and yuri (I don't feel confortable with it X_x).

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Filipa the Hedgehog
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
:iconinsufficientplz: Don't :+fav: and run plz! Give me a comment at my artwork first! :iconangryshadowplz:
I'm tired to say "plz comment *giving the link that you :+fav:*"
I'm not going to say "Thanx for the :+fav: =D" if you don't leave a comment!

My anime account-> :iconfilipa-chan:

Hello everyone! Long time no see~! ;3
I have very bad news ;_; Unfortonately yesterday after we received Premium Membership for 1 day, I made a very huge mistake cuz I put all my "To do List" and "Stamps" in a Custome box and guess what... it disapeared today .A."
I don't know what to do with this situation... from a side I'm relieved but from another, I'm very nervous TT_TT
PLEASE!!! If I'm owning you a drawing, please write here in this journal ;_; I'll check on my computer if I saved my list, but I can't promisse you anything. I appologize for everything :S

Now talk about other important stuff, Windows XP support ended today!
Most of you already received a Windows message saying "The final support for Windows XP occurs April 8, 2014. Click here for more information". I received one on March 14, but I received another one today :/
For all Windows XP users like me, this is the end of that Operating System :(
All I'm saying is that you can work with your computer just fine, but you can't download programs and automatic updates for that Windows anymore TT_TT
For those who are clueless, here's the information about Windows XP ->…
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  • Listening to: K Anikuji Drama CD
  • Reading: K -THE FIRST-
  • Watching: nothing...
  • Playing: Hanafuda: Koi Koi
  • Eating: Cake
  • Drinking: Water

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FilipaTheHedgehog Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! How are ya? ^^
I've been doing fine. Haven't spokento you since I left this account D: How have you been?
FilipaTheHedgehog Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't spoke with you either after I got absent from this account :0 I've been doing fine, even though I got ill today X_x other than that, I'm drawing a lot of anime characters instead of Sonic stuff lately on SAI XP and you :)
(1 Reply)
CyberBeastWarrior Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
happy B-day! :la: :huggle: :glomp: :cake: c:
kakyuuspark Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday ^^
mARTz-9o Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haaaaappy birthday!!!! :D
FilipaTheHedgehog Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! ^w^
Happy birthday :)
FilipaTheHedgehog Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ^^
You're welcome. :D:hug: Enjoy your birthday Filipa. :)
FilipaTheHedgehog Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I enjoyed a lot! Thanks again =D
(1 Reply)
Happy Birthday!!! :3
FilipaTheHedgehog Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! =D
luz52 Jul 22, 2013
FilipaTheHedgehog Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whut? owo"
NekoNaturer Jan 21, 2013   Digital Artist
I have to make sure to point out this IRL buddy--->:iconjayfoxfire:

Cause I realized that I didn't complete the icon! LOL! ;)
NekoNaturer Jan 21, 2013   Digital Artist
Hey Filipa nice to meetcha I'm Neko! ;)

I'm an IRL pal to her--->:iconjayfoxfire

I remembered you requested her to draw you this here: [link]

She wants to know if you would like her to send this to you IRL right to your home and she wants to get rid of those traditional ones really badly and she doesn't want them to go to waste!

She has it right in her binder at this clip at 2:40


If you would like to hang this up on your wall you can contact her by PMing (Private Messaging her) via the DA note!

If you requested any more alongside with this you can point them out!

She'll be more then happy to give them to you thanks very much! ;)

Eugh never thought I would not be able to draw Sonicstuff lD
FilipaTheHedgehog Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! =D
MRSaeba-San Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Feliz aniversário garota. ^^
FilipaTheHedgehog Dec 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Obrigado :huggle:
MRSaeba-San Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
De nada. ^^
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